Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meditation for Seniors

Today I began an online course in Meditation.  I used to meditate from time to time, but never became proficient, if there is such a thing, nor was I ever consistent.  I used to "drift off" while sitting in the hot tub or spa at the gym and called that my meditation.  I also tended to fall asleep quickly.

Fifteen years ago, I attended some group meditation sessions, but the other participants were pretty religious and frequently started "communicating" with entities from "the other side" so I kinda lost interest in their group.

My first lesson today was mostly history and theory of the benefits of meditating along with an explanation of what goes on in each part of the brain and how meditation can affect that.

I am paying for this course so that is additional incentive to stick with it and see if I can become a healthier person through meditation.  I will never be a Tibetan Monk but I might meditate in a robe.

I will keep you up to date.
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