Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Broke Another Tooth. What is Going On?

Do our teeth age as we do?  Becoming frail and fragile and brittle?  Tonight I was eating soft licorice and suddenly, "CRACK!" I bit on something hard and I knew, of course, that I had broken another tooth.  The very same thing has happened to me before, and I was eating something chewy, not hard.

Every time this happens, and this is about the fourth or fifth time (see I have lost count for God's sake), I head to the dentist with a semi-emergency and either get a filling or a crown.  This time about 1/4 of the tooth broke off, and there was already a filling, so the tooth was weakened, I guess.  I have more crowns than real teeth now.  Expensive too, as well as being a constant reminder of how it feels to grow older by the day.

I can't think of any pictures of this that anyone would want to see. I'm just afraid the dentist will one day tell me it is time for dentures.  That would be a real kick in the teeth.

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