Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Tall Were You at Your Tallest?

I stared dumbly at the doctor.  "How tall WAS I?  I am 5 foot, eleven......and a half," I added.

"Sorry, but gravity always has its way," replied the doc. I have lost height, and no amount of hanging upside down on one of those inverted gravity tables will stretch me out another inch.

My first suit, in 1967, was a 38 Tall.   Today I am a 44 Regular.  I don't know which of those numbers distresses me more, the increase in my girth or the shrinkage in height.  Why do men age as we do?  With more hair in some places and less in others, with ears that just hang lower and lower, and other things.

I wish the term, "Fat Cat" only referred to the size of my savings account, and not to my ass.

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