Monday, January 14, 2013

Grandchildren Milestones and Achievements

As I age, the activities and accomplishments of my children and grandchildren  become more and more important to me.  When they were so little and wide-eyed, I took great pleasure in their joy too.  Perhaps I was recalling my own milestones, and perhaps, vicariously, re-living one of my own special moments as I watched them enjoy theirs.

Recently, however, more and more of their milestones have served to open my eyes to the facts of life.  I am getting pretty darn old.  When a GRANDCHILD celebrates a first driver's license, or their 21st birthday, (!!!) my jaw just drops.  My two daughters "celebrated" turning 40!  And next month my son-in-law will be 50!  I have to spell that out:  FIFTY!  How can that be?  Holy Cow Man!

Now my spouse and I are drawing Social Security and I have a MEDICARE card.

I recently attended my own Mother's birthday when she reached 85.  She says to me:
 "Now you and I are more or less in the same generation, right?  Both drawing Social Security and both hard of hearing."

 Well, I heard that well enough. Thankfully, my own middle-aged kids weren't around to share that moment.

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