Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fifty Years is but a Half Century

How can it be possible that I can recall events from a half-century ago?  The Cuban Missile Crisis?  Like it was yesterday.  The first James Bond Movie?  Yup.  And read all the books too, but it didn't take 50 years.  And I still reel back at the notion that the Rolling Stones have been on Tour for 50 years!

I also recall events that are more than 50 years past: I Like Ike.  The first television station in Montana (KFBB). A family birth (1949) and a the tragedy of a suicide in the family. The cleanup, the funeral.

I will never understand why certain events in my lifetime of 65 years stand out.  Some memories are of very, very routine events and others were traumatic for a young kid.  A fornicating dog, a rattlesnake chopped to pieces, a stillborn calf, a pet duck killed, a pet dog killed by a car. A new puppy. And four sisters being born.

I am working on my Memoirs.  Something that a grandchild or great grandchild may enjoy in the future. I haven't decided whether to make an R-rated memoir or a PG.  It will be honest, but may be incomplete.

Friday, October 5, 2012

23 Degrees This Morning

October means football, Halloween, hunting season, and the end of wild fires in Montana.  From growing up in this State, I realize it also means some pretty friggin' cold mornings.

I know the weather forecast is still for daytime highs in the 60s and 70s, but the frost on the windshield this morning tells me that summer is gone and winter is right around the corner.

While my family and friends in New Mexico, Arizona, California, and even Washington continue to enjoy balmy days and comfortable nights, I am putting away lawn furniture and throwing frozen flowers into the garbage cans.  Time to put up protection for the rose bushes and get the studded tires onto the pickup truck.

Another great summer of camping was enjoyed, so we have good memories to get us through the cold months. Meanwhile, I captured a photo of the first dusting of snow on the hill behind our home.  Looks like the snow came down to about 4,0000 feet.

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