Thursday, September 13, 2012

Falling Off the Creek Where I Nearly Broke My Neck

Confusing title, I know.  I was walking on a log to cross the creek.  When I jumped to the shore I tripped and fell hard onto a vertical tree branch snag that nearly cut off my leg.  My neck was what I felt like was saved by the denim jeans.  I was trying to retrieve a dry fly (a Dave's Grasshopper) that was hung up on bushes on the other side of the creek.
Fishing Injury, Day 3 Healing

Later in the day, when AGAIN hung up on bushes I pulled up with my fly rod and broke it.  Well, it had to have been brittle and cracked or something, because NO fly rod would break that easily.  At any rate, I should have pulled straight back with the line instead of the rod.

That wasn't the end of our crappy Labor Day holiday.  When we returned home we found that our refrigerator had crapped out too, and all the food was rotten.  Had to buy a new refrigerator, which, when delivered the next day, didn't fit in the space.  So I tried to force it.  I even removed the adjacent counter top.  My wife would have nothing to do with THAT solution, so the new refrigerator goes back and we had to special order one that was only 33 inches wide, instead of 36.  That was my weekend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fishing Injury Slows Me Down

How much is a Dave's Grasshopper Fly worth anyway?  Mine was hung up on twigs across the creek so I trekked across the water on a fallen log, tripped on a snag near the shore and landed hard.  On the way down I gashed the side of my leg on a snag and have been pretty lame ever since.

To add insult to the injury, I later broke my fly rod trying to free yet another hook hung up on the other side.

I recall reading that fishing is the sport with the highest fatality rate of any outdoor activity.  Mostly that is because guys drown when their boats capsize or they are washed away while wading in a stream.  I am hurting while I sit here writing this, but am thankful I didn't hit my head or end up in the water.
Wounds to hamstring area just above my knee
I vow to be much more careful in the future.  Now that I am 65 years old I have to come to terms with the fact that I am just not as quick and agile as I used to be.  Bummer.
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