Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fifty Years is but a Half Century

How can it be possible that I can recall events from a half-century ago?  The Cuban Missile Crisis?  Like it was yesterday.  The first James Bond Movie?  Yup.  And read all the books too, but it didn't take 50 years.  And I still reel back at the notion that the Rolling Stones have been on Tour for 50 years!

I also recall events that are more than 50 years past: I Like Ike.  The first television station in Montana (KFBB). A family birth (1949) and a the tragedy of a suicide in the family. The cleanup, the funeral.

I will never understand why certain events in my lifetime of 65 years stand out.  Some memories are of very, very routine events and others were traumatic for a young kid.  A fornicating dog, a rattlesnake chopped to pieces, a stillborn calf, a pet duck killed, a pet dog killed by a car. A new puppy. And four sisters being born.

I am working on my Memoirs.  Something that a grandchild or great grandchild may enjoy in the future. I haven't decided whether to make an R-rated memoir or a PG.  It will be honest, but may be incomplete.

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