Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Texting and Teenagers

My wife and I recently added two adult family members and a 16-year-old granddaughter to our AT&T account.  That's five people on one account, with four of them having Apple iPhones, including the teenager.
My spouse, smart as she is about these things, opted to upgrade to "Unlimited" TEXT messages.  We received our bill yesterday, which included three weeks' worth of the "new" members usages.  The adults each totaled about 200 text messages for the 3-week period.  The Teenager, (girl age 16), sent over THREE THOUSAND!!  Is this normal?
When do they actually talk to each other, these techno teens?  When do they play baseball, go to the beach, camp or fish, or do schoolwork?  Now I do have to admit that this girl is an "A" student, participated in cheerleading and fastpitch softball this past school year, and has a part time job.  Pretty amazing, but I think she must be the exception.  So we will be very interested in seeing how many texts she sends during the upcoming school year.  Oh, and yesterday she got her driver's license.  Now we have to worry about texting and driving too.

Sometimes I yearn for the 1950's, dial phones, black and white televisions, 25 cents for a gallon of gas and a nickel to mail a letter. But then we also had fallout shelters and air raid drills. So I don't miss everything about the 1950s. No.

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Mike Golch said...

I miss the cheap gas as well.and yes i will admit to missing the dial up phones as well.

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