Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Do I Just HAVE to Start TEXTING?

I've heard it all. I heard it from Everybody.  "Dad, you gotta text" is probably what I have heard most often.  I resisted texting because it always cost extra, and it made no sense to me, and I tried it and it was hard to do because I had to hit some buttons three times to get the right letter, and the damn keyboard buttons are too small, and a few other reasons.
Then I got an iPhone.  Now I text.  Sideways phone with big buttons that instantly respond and even corrects my typos as I go.  Three weeks of texting and I am almost up to 300 messages.  Now I know that isn't a lot by teenager standards. They do some crazy numbers with unlimited texts like 300 a DAY (or more).
But I am in the game.  The iPhone made the difference and I have come to see the reason people text instead of call.  Why they text instead of an e-mail (which is almost a dead letter box).  Yes. I got it kids. I get it.

I'm even learning some of the tricks. :-)  and <3.  LOL.

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