Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Computing and my 85 year-old Mom

After five days in the wilds and away from my computer I returned to find hundreds of e-mails that needed to be deleted.  Of course I can't just batch delete, I have to make certain there is nothing important that I might miss.  Even the "junk" mail has to be reviewed, somewhat, because I would otherwise miss important "one-time offers" and such, besides the opportunity to take advantages of "larger size" products.

This past weekend my Mother turned 85.  She published a novel at age 75 and has been an inspiration to my siblings and me as she quickly embraced the new computer age. Today she announced that she was ending her computer work, e-mail, and internet connection and encouraged all of her friends and family to write her old-fashioned letters.  As I think about it, I may be soon looking forward to doing the same thing.  Being away from the computer for five days was really a relief.  I am not kidding.  Now that I am retired and don't depend on computers to make a living, I may begin to reduce my online presence as well.

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