Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Best Quote I Saw Today

"I don't remember being absent-minded."

I saw this in a CNN story about the Aging Brain

As a 65-year-old man I am well aware of the forgetfulness and distractions that sometimes affect me.  I laugh at myself when I enter a room and stop:  Why did I come in here?

But I am also aware of the advantages I enjoy as my aging brain enables a greater appreciation of patience and diverse interests that I now have time to explore.  Yes, I do take a little longer to recall information, so playing Jeopardy is not my strong suit, but I am pretty good at Trivial Pursuit.  I used to be a walking encyclopedia, but now I am more of an "abridged' version.

And, OF COURSE, my spouse, adult children and even grandchildren have heard every old story several times.  Now I find great humor in the glib "Stop me if you've heard this story before," and they say "STOP" before I even begin.

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