Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Do I Just HAVE to Start TEXTING?

I've heard it all. I heard it from Everybody.  "Dad, you gotta text" is probably what I have heard most often.  I resisted texting because it always cost extra, and it made no sense to me, and I tried it and it was hard to do because I had to hit some buttons three times to get the right letter, and the damn keyboard buttons are too small, and a few other reasons.
Then I got an iPhone.  Now I text.  Sideways phone with big buttons that instantly respond and even corrects my typos as I go.  Three weeks of texting and I am almost up to 300 messages.  Now I know that isn't a lot by teenager standards. They do some crazy numbers with unlimited texts like 300 a DAY (or more).
But I am in the game.  The iPhone made the difference and I have come to see the reason people text instead of call.  Why they text instead of an e-mail (which is almost a dead letter box).  Yes. I got it kids. I get it.

I'm even learning some of the tricks. :-)  and <3.  LOL.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Computing and my 85 year-old Mom

After five days in the wilds and away from my computer I returned to find hundreds of e-mails that needed to be deleted.  Of course I can't just batch delete, I have to make certain there is nothing important that I might miss.  Even the "junk" mail has to be reviewed, somewhat, because I would otherwise miss important "one-time offers" and such, besides the opportunity to take advantages of "larger size" products.

This past weekend my Mother turned 85.  She published a novel at age 75 and has been an inspiration to my siblings and me as she quickly embraced the new computer age. Today she announced that she was ending her computer work, e-mail, and internet connection and encouraged all of her friends and family to write her old-fashioned letters.  As I think about it, I may be soon looking forward to doing the same thing.  Being away from the computer for five days was really a relief.  I am not kidding.  Now that I am retired and don't depend on computers to make a living, I may begin to reduce my online presence as well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Best Quote I Saw Today

"I don't remember being absent-minded."

I saw this in a CNN story about the Aging Brain

As a 65-year-old man I am well aware of the forgetfulness and distractions that sometimes affect me.  I laugh at myself when I enter a room and stop:  Why did I come in here?

But I am also aware of the advantages I enjoy as my aging brain enables a greater appreciation of patience and diverse interests that I now have time to explore.  Yes, I do take a little longer to recall information, so playing Jeopardy is not my strong suit, but I am pretty good at Trivial Pursuit.  I used to be a walking encyclopedia, but now I am more of an "abridged' version.

And, OF COURSE, my spouse, adult children and even grandchildren have heard every old story several times.  Now I find great humor in the glib "Stop me if you've heard this story before," and they say "STOP" before I even begin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Procrastination and Productivity

Each evening I resolve to be more productive tomorrow. But each morning I find myself doing the same things here at the computer, and before I realize it, lunchtime has come and gone.  Another day pretty much wasted.

Blogging doesn't earn much money at all; in fact, barely pays the cost of the websites.  I play Words With Friends to the point that it begins to feel like an obligation, a job.  So I ask myself: With a limited number of days yet to live in a lifetime, why am I choosing to spend a day doing nothing much at all? And then to do the same thing again day after day?

In retirement we seek a feeling of Usefulness and Worthiness, yet sitting here makes me feel Useless and Worthless.  I must do better.
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