Friday, May 25, 2012

We Bought a SportBrella XL

I think you can see the attraction this SportBrella holds for me.  It is a sports fan's delight.  My wife and I set it up at all the grandkids little league games and high school softball games and people come up to us and want to know where to buy one.  (They run about $50 at Amazon, but Costco, Sports Authority and Ace Hardware also carry them.)  We bought the XL, which is 9 feet in diameter.  It comes with two different kinds of stakes along with tie-downs, which make it pretty stable in wind.  The center pole extends out and can be pushed into the ground. But it also comes out so you can pound it in, (straight vertical too, if you want to use it as a standard umbrella).  We bought the red, but I have also seen them in Blue and Green.
I know I may sound like a shill, but we love finding new stuff to enjoy in our retirement. This is something we will be taking along on our camping trips too.  One more item for the motor home.

Amazon Link:  Sport-Brella X-Large Umbrella, Deep Red

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