Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washing Machine Blues

We have a four-year-old front-loading clothes washing machine (Whirlpool Duet).  We are getting error codes F70 and F71.  The first two technician repair visits resulted in nothing being done.  Seemed to work fine when the technician ran the diagnostics and no code appeared. On the third repair visit I had the machine sitting there flashing the F71 ERR code for two days.  The technician ordered two parts: the main control board-to-user interface and a wiring harness. Visit number four, two weeks later, installed the parts.  A code popped up when he restarted the machine, but then he cleared it and ran a wash cycle and it seemed fine.  I used the machine one time and it worked fine.  Three days later my wife ran a delicate cycle and the machine stopped mid-cycle and would not drain or spin. Guess what?  ERR code F71.  It flashed for a couple of days and then went out. The start button just beeps rapidly when you push it but it does not light up anything.  Tech repair visit number FIVE is scheduled for tomorrow, May 3.  If they decide to order more parts, I imagine there will be a two-week wait again.  I have very little confidence in the repair service (A and E Factory Service).  This will be their last chance before I go to the manufacturer and ask for a new machine.  We will see how THAT goes!  UPDATE: May 4, 2012. A new repair tech has determined that the motor control board is drawing current off the user interface control board and has ordered a replacement part.  UPDATE #2: May 10, 2012.  Visit number 6 replaced the Motor Control Board. The machine seems to be working okay now. I am keeping my fingers crossed.  My Extended Warranty will cover it all.
Wringer Washer like Mom used in the good old days
Wringer Washer like Grandma used in the good old days
(My Photos of appliances located at the Garnet Ghost Town in Garnet, Montana)

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