Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking forward to June, Finally!

For no particular reason that I can discern, the Month of May has seemed to last for a really long time. We have been actively involved in activities with the grandkids who play softball, while also volunteering with Bountiful Baskets distribution of fruits and veggies, volunteering three times to help clear pine cones and needles at a private RV park, while we have also camped in the motor home on all four weekends, through snow and rain and sleet, wind and cold. How much fun was that?
Doug Kueffler in camp

We are ready for warmer weather. June will bring more showers, I am certain, but with that comes gardens, and lawns to mow. I swear, sometimes Life in Retirement has become simply the next stage of WORK!

We did get one pretty nice photo at Flathead Lake last weekend.  On Monday, Memorial Day, we woke up to the first day without rain, and the lake was calm and glassy, so this photo of the Flathead shoreline taken from Big Arm State Campground came out pretty good, I think.

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