Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flathead Lake Montana Big Arm State Campground

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Big Arm State Campground on the west shore of Flathead Lake, in northwestern Montana.  From Friday night until Monday morning we endured non-stop rain.  So it is green around here.  And cold.  Forty-one degrees F on Sunday morning.  But on the positive side, everything on the motor home worked perfectly for a change.  The old (21 years old) Fleetwood Flair has only 44 thousand miles on it.  We replaced the refrigerator last year, and the carburetor on the Onan generator the year before that.

You know what?  I think we will hold off on making campground reservations for next year until we see how the weather will be.  Last year it rained so hard during Memorial Day weekend that we had to go home early.

At any rate, Monday morning was nicer and I did shoot a couple of photos that I will share.  Our rig sat right next to the water in our favorite campsite (B016).  And this photo of the shoreline across the bay showed a nice reflection in the water.

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