Friday, May 4, 2012

35 Pounds of Lemons

We recently began purchasing Community Garden produce. Every two weeks we pick up a box of fruits and veggies. We never know what we are going to find in the box, but it is always a variety.  My wife has now discovered that she can order an "extra" item in bulk.  Last time it was a 25 pound bag of carrots from Texas.  They were good for juicing and we will run out of them tomorrow, just in time for our next pickup.  But this week she has chosen to buy a 35 pound box of lemons!  How long can 35 pounds of lemons stay fresh without rotting?  We don't have room in our refrigerator because of all the other fruits and veggies we will be picking up.  What do you do with so many lemons?  I've been thinking about how much lemonade that would make.  If I were a kid, a lemonade stand might be an option, but we use lemons for salad dressing and...and... THAT'S ABOUT IT.

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