Friday, April 27, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis and Aging

Oh, but the morning pain in my heel just about makes me fall down when I first get out of bed!  Last year it was the right heel; this year the left heel.

My treatment included all the massages, stretching, orthotic inserts, and even rolling my foot over a frozen water bottle, but nothing worked like the application of dexamethasone, which is a synthetic antiinflammatory steroid. Six treatments of this and I began to feel like I was healing and would be able to walk some distances again.

I've not even tried running, and now the other heel is giving me trouble. The doctor says it is part of the aging process, along with carrying extra weight now that I am not exercising like I did twenty years ago. I was a long-distance runner, flat-footed, and I over-pronated, so all of those contributed to small tears in the fascia and the resulting scar tissue build-up.  I guess I am now enduring the consequences as I age.

I know the exercises I should be doing, but if nothing short of dexamethasone will do the trick then back to the doctor I will go, limping all the way.

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