Friday, February 10, 2012

What if this was your FINAL Year of Life?

I saw a marquee sign out front of a church today.  "What if you found out this was your final year?"

I guess we are meant to ponder how we have lived our lives, treated our loved ones, and perhaps what we would do with our final year, if we knew.  For certain.  No doomsayers.

I would disregard all doctor's warnings about anything having to do with my diet and weight.  I would again, after twenty some odd years, enjoy a good cigar and a Scotch whiskey. I would enjoy several varieties of chocolate in as many different forms as I could find.  I would eat ice cream for breakfast if I were so inclined.

I would spend some time writing letters instead of sending e-mails and texts.  I would make sure that my paperwork was all in order, give away my old Navy souvenirs to any family member who would take them.

I would also enjoy luxurious baths, saunas, steams, massages, and pedicures.  Perhaps not the pedicures. It really bugs me to have someone touch my feet, and I would not have to put up with anything I didn't like anymore.  I don't like broccoli or brussel sprouts.  I don't care if they are good for longevity. My final year would be fun. And then I would die.

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