Saturday, February 4, 2012

Took Down the Christmas Tree (Feb 4th)

This is the first year in my entire, long (64 years) life that I have EVER kept a Christmas tree up until February.
This was a new, artificial tree, a six-footer with 400 multi-colored lights that we bought to replace a tree-foot tree we used for the past five years.

We had all miniature ornaments, and most of them were plastic balls that the dogs couldn't break by wagging tails too close to the tree (well, more than CLOSE).

The tree provided such a wonderful ambiance we just couldn't bear to let it go.  The best news for me this morning was that it only took fifteen minutes to un-decorate and dissemble the tree (the lights are permanently affixed).

I actually look forward to putting it up next Christmas, or maybe next Halloween, even.

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