Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This can't be Me; it must be my Father

Oh my, from time to time reality slaps me and I see not my own face, but my Father's, looking into the camera.

This look like a guy drawing Social Security.

Working in the kitchen doing his "chores."  I have become my Father.

Medicare now too.

I imagine it won't be too long until the first GREAT-grandchild.  I have a granddaughter who will be 20 years old in a couple of months. Hope she isn't in any hurry to start having babies.

1 comment:

merlmd said...

haha...well, we all become our parents one day. I realized I am exactly like them when I was in my 30's and now, people who rarely see my mom, thinks I am her. Oh well. But hey, I like it, since my mom has always been a woman of substance.

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