Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frosty Morning Good for Picking Up Dog Poo

What a great subject, huh?  Fifteen degrees above zero this morning, and it is garbage truck day, so I ventured out into the back yard with a plastic bag and gardening tool to pick up poop.  Ten pounds, (or 20), and TWO bags later, I put my "harvest" into the trash barrels and hauled them out to the road.  Cold weather is best for poop digging, as it is all frozen.  With two dogs in the yard I have trouble keeping up with their deposits.  But their "eliminations" are NOTHING compared to the deer plops outside the fenced yard. Our acre lot has about three deer deposits per square yard by spring time.  I don't try to pick those up; I just scatter them around with a rake to help fertilize the lawn.  Yesterday there was a small "herd" of deer walking on the road, almost in single file, about twenty of them, all Whitetail.  This is a great place to live.  Western Montana and along the Bitterroot River.

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