Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Age 65 Happy Birthday to me

To me it seems funny that so many of the greeting cards I receive have jokes about age and social security and medicare.   It is important to note that virtually ALL of these cards come from people who are younger than I am.  Now consider my own Mother, who will attain age 85 in four months: her card just praised me for being such a good son, and wished for me that all my "dreams will be realized."  (She doesn't know about my weird dreams.) Twice in her hand-written note she wishes "good health" for me, and now I understand how important that really is toward enjoying our later years.  Yes, I remain in good health. Thank you, Mom, for the good genes. (And Dad too. He is alive and will attain age 90 in just five months.)


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!

Shauni said...

Sorry I missed this Happy Birthday! Hope it was filled with Laughter and Love


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